The Number One Tip for Designing a Great Website – Write It First!

Posted in Marketing, Website, Writing on April 25, 2009 by Heather Melcer

by Heather Melcer

We all know the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ but when it comes to your website, you need to actually write them. While a flashy, slick website might create the WOW factor that dazzles you, the key to a successful business is not just about good looks. You need clear, organized, user-friendly copy to turn visitors into customers. Continue reading…


How-To Sell Digital Downloads, The Easy Way

Posted in Publishing / Self-Publishing, The Artist In You, Website on May 16, 2013 by Heather Melcer

mp3’s ~ .pdf’s ~ ebooks ~ and more!

how to sell digital downloads mp3 ebooks pdfThere are two types of sellers out there. Those starting a company specifically retail devoted to selling digital goods, and those I like to refer to as more of the indie biz professional or artist wanting to share their work and voice with the world, on the side and in addition to, the core work they do. Allow me to guide you through some options.

Continue reading

Self-Publishing: The Myth, The Monster & The Motivation

Posted in Publishing / Self-Publishing, The Artist In You on May 11, 2013 by Heather Melcer

self-publishing-how-to-tips-and-dreamsTHE MYTH: You will get rich quick, live a luxurious lifestyle while writing your next best-seller from your veranda, while vacationing on the island coast, overlooking the bluest pearlescent Ocean waves gently lapping in the breeze……go ahead, linger there for just a moment longer….u huh, u huh…..Now – snap out of it! I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but if you want to be a self-published author, you need to have a full understanding of what that actually means. It means you are no longer just a writer wanting to share your words and visions with the world, you are actually about to become — a PUBLISHER! Mazel Tov! Continue reading

The Oh So Popular Press Release, How-To Win at the PR Popularity Contest

Posted in Marketing on May 6, 2013 by Heather Melcer

Every artist or business needs great press, yet in our modern digital era the competition is fierce just to get noticed, let alone get press. Which let’s face it, it something we all want because we are all doing it with the purpose to sell something, offer a service or somehow make some money. And since we now live in the DIY era, please let me give you a few insights as you set off to become your own media marketing guru… Continue reading

Gripes With Groupon

Posted in My Marketing Rants & Raves on March 31, 2013 by Heather Melcer

Groupon Review How To SuccessDuring one week awhile back, the topic of Groupon came to me from three different sources/people. The discussion being the notion that Groupon will eventually collapse and cannot sustain its current model. It was kind of interesting as I just read and listened to their gripes, I do try to be a good listener :-) But it really got me thinking and assessing the situation. Here is my personal take and insight on the real underlying issue with Groupon, and my own gripes about the gripes if you will. Continue reading

Pretty Please Print Me

Posted in Misc. Tips on March 31, 2013 by Heather Melcer

I’m all for going digital and online proofing is a great timesaver not to mention it’s better for the environment and saves our precious trees. But the reality is, if final product you are writing and designing will be printed, somewhere along the way once the main design is done, you have to print it out to get a true idea of how everything will look before you send it off print a mass quantity. Continue reading

What’s In A Name? A File Name That Is.

Posted in Marketing, Misc. Tips, My Marketing Rants & Raves on January 18, 2013 by Heather Melcer

by Heather Melcer

Being a Feng Shui consultant as well as a bit of an organizer by nature, I tend to like things to flow smoothly in all areas of life, including website functionality with regard to file names. It may seem like a small thing, but details are what make great businesses stand out from mediocre ones. The problem is that the names are too generic. In the big picture this is simply not smart business. Continue Reading…

Does Your Home or Small Business Really Need a Website?

Posted in Marketing, Website on June 4, 2009 by Heather Melcer

by Heather Melcer

If you’re reading this blog to begin with, you’re probably thinking, DUH, every business needs a website, what a preposterous thought!  However, it’s still a legit question these days as there are two scenarios that create exceptions to the rule that everyone automatically has a website: One, you somehow stumbled into some type of business that maybe started as a side hobby kind of thing that just took on a life of it’s own, and now here you are running a decent size business, sans website. Or, two you have been in business for many, many years, way before the dawning of the Internet era and have never needed one before.  So the question to be asked now is, do you really need a website? Continue reading…

Size Really Does Matter, When It Comes to Your Marketing Materials

Posted in Marketing, Misc. Tips on June 4, 2009 by Heather Melcer

by Heather Melcer

If you’re looking to save money on your copywriting services, read on. Knowing the size of your output before you start is the key to savings. Read full post…

Template Web Design – Key Strategies to Make Yours Stand Out

Posted in Marketing, Website on April 25, 2009 by Heather Melcer

by Heather Melcer

Many small business owners are forever thinking about ways to save money on start-up costs and do as much behind-the-scenes work as possible. Which is why opting for a template building system might be a sound choice. You can quickly log-in and make changes anytime you want, you are in full-control and let’s face it, it’s cheap. Templates have come a long way over the years and for merely $5-$10 per month you can have a hosted website up and running with a few simple clicks. You are going to have to pay for hosting anyway so it sounds rather tempting…but are a few clicks really sufficient to create something that looks professional enough? Continue reading…

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